Exhibition stands

RED International is a full service exhibition management company based in Dubai, with over a decade of experience in the design and production of exhibition stands in the GCC region.

In addition to bespoke solutions, RED represents high quality European aluminium profile systems and fabric structures to create a wide range of attractive and cost effective modular solutions.

The protection of the environment is a key concern of today’s industry and RED meets the highest standards with its products and services.

At the heart of our company’s success is our multi-national team:

Experienced, well trained and qualified to work locally, regionally and internationally the team consistently meets the high quality standards of our clients and partners.

RED International has access to a worldwide partner network which ensures the same level of quality for our clients, no matter where their projects have to be realized.


RED will consult fully with the client to ensure every aspect of their exhibition requirements are captured and reflected in the design and the final build.

  • A "Client Brief Form" will start the process.
  • A "Delicated Relationship Manager" will ensure our designs respond to clients expectations.
  • A "Project Manager" will develop a plan and supervise the production and installation.
  • A design catered to client needs will be developed.

Concept, Design and execution

Upon receiving a brief, our priority is to identify the goals of the clients (attract attention, meet with existing customers, showcase their products, etc) and make sure our design contributes to the achievement of those goals.

  • We render the initial drawings in order to present real life images.
  • We build a stand in our warehouse, after this we prepare a mockup a few weeks before the show dates.
  • We involve the client to be part of this process.
  • We include the maintenance of the stand in our service assuring perfect condition of the stand during the exhibition.

Modular system solutions

Our modular systems are used to build exhibition stands, kiosks and retail displays. They are flexible and cost efficient. Being highly durable, our modular systems are easy to assemble, pack-up and can be used over and over without losing impact or definition.

  • Flexible to any shape and size.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Faster assembly.
  • Reduced storage and transportation cost.
  • Complex stationary structures.

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