Ready for September?

As the Summer is showing signs of softening up, it is the temperature of the exhibition season that is starting to heat up. Of course, at RED International our team has been working diligently during the Summer to be ready for the coming exhibitions.


It’s been now more than eleven years in the business for RED International and we pride ourselves to be not just witnesses but leading actors in the ever expanding exhibition industry in the Middle East. We have presence in all major exhibitions and have delivered stands, kiosks and a wide range of event production materials in all countries of the Gulf.


Our team has been key in delivering high quality stands, always committed to our original values of Reliable, Exceptional and Dynamic. At the end, the recognition and loyalty of our clients is our main asset and this year has proven to be another success for us. The business has continued growing so far this year despite the threats of the impact a lower oil price was expected to have in the overall economy. We are proud to admit that our clients remained committed to their presence in the Middle East and the vast majority of them also remained loyal to the quality and reliability of RED International.


As we mentioned before, the Summer has been a busy period for us. We have carefully selected and incorporated new members in our team, which we expect will contribute to our creativity and innovation and allow the company to increase its potential for further growth. We have made improvements to our office, developed a new marketing campaign, closed new strategic alliances and, last but not least, finalized a new product (EasyRed) that we expect will greatly benefit those clients who need a fast and cost effective solution for their stand. We are extremely excited about this new solution and expect to launch it over the coming few weeks.


We now feel ready for a very active season and hope that you join us as soon as possible to plan your next exhibition.


We wish all exhibitors, contractors and organizers the best for this coming season.