A promising start of 2016

We have to admit that we were concerned about the exhibition industry’s outlook for 2016 in the Middle East. With the oil price at historical low levels many companies in the region were impacted, either directly or indirectly, in their turnover levels. As a natural consequence we expected many of them to reduce their budgets for promotions and exhibitions. However, the impact on our repeat business has, so far, been minimal. At the same time, thank to our reputation for quality and reliability coupled with our marketing efforts, we are pleased to see new business coming our way.

Since the beginning of the year, we had a significant presence in all of the major exhibitions; INTERSEC, ARAB HEALTH, AEEDC, GULFOOD, MEE, CABSAT, and in most of them we saw a record number of exhibitors and a solid number of visitors. Our preliminary conclusion this early in the year is that the commitment and trust of companies around the world in the Middle East market is still intact and the appetite for expansion and new opportunities will continue to fuel the exhibition industry during these years of transition.

We, at RED International, are convinced of the market opportunities as Dubai 2020 looms closer and are ready to commit our resources to grow with our clients.