Hobart Corp. Stand @GulfHost 2017

Food comes in different colors, sizes, shapes and tastes. However, the one aspect of food that remains constant is our love towards it. This weekend belonged to the GulfHost Expo 2017, one of the most prominent food related exhibitions in the Middle East.

Hosting over 200 international organizations, and presenting the latest in food and hospitality related products, the expo gave stage to innovative ideas and designs that represent the forefront of modern technology.

We were extremely happy to have been a part of the event, and were honoured to partner with Hobart Corp during the expo.

We believe that we were able to produce a stand that both companies can be proud of.

Thanks to the assistance provided by the Hobart Corp support staff, the stands expansive but simple design accommodated the large equipment near on effortlessly.

For more information on exhibition management, interiors and events do not hesitate to visit our website @ http://redexdubai.com/

If you are food lover just like us, and are interested in the finest hospitality and food equipment, please take a look at Hobart’s main webpage:


Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club

One of the things we enjoy the most about our job is the fact we have so many different jobs and clients and we are always kept on our feet. This project was very small but something we have not done before and was so interesting do research into this project as I have not really been into many saddlery shops before. Some of the saddlery shops I looked at where truly amazing and had no idea they were such serious business.

I am very happy with ours although we did have some awesome designs but due to budget restraints were restricted.

Please have a look at our pictures and give us your thoughts. If you looking for someone to help with design or fit-out please feel free to contact me on jonathan@redexdubai.com or (+971) 0544658588.