RED International in Dubai with Eduardo Braun: Leadership’s DNA 2015

Eduardo Braun has met with the world’s greatest political and business leaders and shares their insights with you. Director of the World Business Forum -the first global multimedia management company- for over 12 years, Eduardo interviewed many history-making personalities like William Jeferson Clinton, Rudy Giuliani, Tony Blair, Mikhail Gorbachev, Felipe González, Ingrid Betancourt, Alvaro Uribe or the Nobel Prize winners Muhammad Yunus, Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman. He received lessons on management from gurus such as Tom Peters, Peter Drucker, Michael Porter, Philip Kotler, and Ram Charan. Business leaders from the most successful companies like Jack Welch, Michael Eisner, Herb Kelleher, and George Lucas shared their experiences and their path to success with him.

Eduardo Braun is a visionary. He has developed a truly substantive, timely, and world-class program for business leaders. He is also an insightful and provocative interviewer who conducts both an enjoyable and also highly constructive conversation



Eduardo selects conversations from his TV interviews – which reached over 25 countries and 14 Million homes – and back-stage anecdotes. Eduardo is an engineer from the University of Buenos Aires (Argentine), he has an MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and worked in the US and Europe for almost a decade in companies such as Booz Allen & Hamilton.

Why creating and sustaining the appropriate Organizational Culture is the ultimate Competitive Advantage?

Taking a selection of concepts and ideas from great leaders, Eduardo Braun shares the lessons learned and adds his own conclusions. The presentation opens the audience heart and mind to the importance of Organizational Culture. What is Culture? How can leaders leverage it? How can they multiply business results? Topics include:

  • Culture multiplies results!
  • Defining Culture, what makes it the key to success?
  • Leadership or Business as usual? Unveiling a Two-Tier Framework.
  • The 5 Key Roles of Leadership as seen by the world’s greatest leaders.
  • Establishing the Vision; why it is a necessary first step.
  • Selecting and managing Talent; building a winning team.
  • Implementing Decision Making and empowerment. Why it is a key leadership tool to learn and build self-confdence in your team.
  • Communication, the organization’s bloodstream to build trust.
  • Creating a high performance Culture in your organization, making sure it is consistent with your Strategy.
  • GE, Southwest, and Apple: It’s the Culture, Stupid!